All Eyes on IVF

embryo_adoption_fertility_blog_Mar09.jpg After the flurry of criticisms against Nadia Suleman ('Octomom') the fertility industry has been under the watchful eye of media, government and physicians. The newest ubiquitous hype to invade the fertility industry is embryo adoption. Although this is a fairly new concept in the fertility industry, many infertile couples are filled with newfound hope. Many couples are concerned about 'wasting' embryos during IVF which is why some say Nadya Suleman asked her fertility physician to implant her with the additional 6 'unncessary' embryos. According to the Denver Examiner, "Embryo adoption is the process by which parents who have created embryos, usually in preparation for IVF (in-vitro fertilization), then go on to allow other couples to 'adopt' the embryos instead of using the embryos themselves. Yet, the process is an appealing option to some couples who feel the cost, timeline, and risk are all well worth the potential outcome of a successful pregnancy." There are also bound to be more stringent fertility laws in the coming months, as the industry is highly scrutinized by the acts of the 'Octomom' so we are likely to see many regulations against embryo adoption as well.
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