Designer Baby Boom

In_Vitro_Fertilization_fertility_blog_Mar09.jpg From the Drudge Report to BBC News, the talk of Tinseltown today is designer babies. A Los Angeles based fertility clinic is assuring patients seeking out In Vitro Fertilization and other infertility treatments that they can pick and choose gender and aesthetic traits of their babies. The clinic is claiming that they are offering this service due in part to recent demands by patrons, though this has kicked up a stir amongst industry experts and even locals. Fox News reported on the information behind this newfound designer treatment, "While PGD has long been used for the medical purpose of averting life-threatening diseases in children, the science behind it has quietly progressed to the point that it could potentially be used to create designer babies. It isn't clear that Fertility Institutes can yet deliver on its claims of trait selection. But the growth of PGD, unfettered by any state or federal regulations in the U.S., has accelerated genetic knowledge swiftly enough that pre-selecting cosmetic traits in a baby is no longer the stuff of science fiction." If this fertility clinic really can deliver its promises of beautiful babies, will this start a flurry of fertile couples going in for insemination just to choose the look of their child? Is fertility being exploited? I leave that up to you, but for now for infertile couples around LA one clinic is offering you 'Versace Babies.'
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