Emotional Stresses of Infertility

Emotional_Stresses_fertility_blog_Mar09.jpg Often times we disregard or forget about the emotional toll fertility issues or infertility treatments take on us or on our relationships. Tending to such ailments and problems is nothing like dealing with life's normal perils like job-hunting, buying a home and financial woes, dealing with infertility is viciously hard on some couples. Parenthood is an inherent need for many of us, so we will go to great lengths to bear children, and for those people going through it via In Vitro Fertilization or other forms of fertility treatment may have a harder time. Belgian researchers have recently done a study about how good relationships may de-stress couples during treatments. Reuters Health report said, "While the duration of fertility problems didn't affect relationship satisfaction, the number of previous treatments did. People in self-critical, preoccupied, or dismissive relationship roles were less satisfied with their relationship, while securely attached people were more satisfied." Regardless of the stability and security of a relationship, going through fertility troubles and treatments may cause emotional damage and hardship upon couples. It is important we start becoming aware of such issues and tending to them accordingly.
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