Financial Troubles mean Surplus of Eggs

donate_eggs_fertility_blog_Mar09.jpg In lieu of the global financial crisis, women across the United States are offering to sell their eggs for extra money to pay bills. Draw by such payments over $10,000, clinics are seeing a frenzy of women young and old coming in. Reuters reported on the increase in women donating eggs, "Nicole Hodges, a 23-year-old actress in New York City who has been out of work since November, says she has decided to sell her eggs because she desperately needs cash."I'm still paying off college. I have credit card bills and, you know, rent in New York is so expensive," Hodges, who has been accepted as donor and is waiting to be chosen by a couple, told Reuters Television." The economic climate is encouraging such donations, but many women also say they are happy to donate eggs not just for the money but also to help infertile couples seeking out artificial insemination and other infertility treatments. The ideal candidate that fertility experts look for are healthy, active women in their twenties.
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