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single_birth_fertility_blog_Mar09.jpg For many infertile couples In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a necessity, the numbers of couples struggling with natural conception have increased over the years, but likewise with that increase so too have multiple births as a result of IVF. In many regards IVF is a blessing, but in recent weeks it has come under strict scrutiny due to negligence and lax fertility regulations by the government onto fertility clinics. In wake of these recent criticisms, doctors have said that single births are becoming more successful for young women. The USA Today reported on this newfound IVF information, "But thanks to advancements in culturing embryos in the lab, doctors can offer many younger patients an excellent chance of conceiving with only a single embryo. In the journal Fertility and Sterility last November, Stillman reported that eSET patients had basically the same pregnancy rate - 65% - as those who transferred two embryos, but only 1% of eSET patients had twins, compared to 44% of the women who'd received two embryos." However it is also important to note that for women in their 40s seeking out fertility treatments, doctors typically implant more than one embryo, because the success rates are much higher with increased embryo. Also couples must remember it is still a shared risk to take on a treatment like IVF, the chance of multiple births still remains.
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