Meditation a Key to Fertility Success

fertility_success_fertility_blog_Mar09.jpg For women and couples undergoing infertility treatments like In-Vitro-Fertilization and egg donation, stress is an understatement. The fear, stress and intense emotion involved sends the sanest of couples into emotional and mental distress. The idea of infertility also turns many women into complete basket cases. So for all those couples struggling with infertility, you need not stress as much, just begin to meditate. Greenwich Time said, "Infertility treatment, she explains, thrusts an otherwise healthy woman into a full-on medical assault. Invasive tests, procedures, shots of hormones and years of disappointment can become the norm. "You are talking about women who are constantly going to the doctor's and are consumed with prolonged feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, depression, anger, envy and resentment," she says. "Even the most well-adjusted woman develops the attitude that, 'There's something wrong with me.' It comes down to: 'I have this defect and deficit because I don't have a baby.' " Not only will fertility aid in your mental health and help further your fertility progress, yoga also is known as a mentally soothing exercise which is known to be beneficial to increased fertility rates.
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