Obesity and Infertility

obesity_infertility_fertility_blog_March2009.jpg It has long been considered by physicians and researchers that there is in fact a clear link between infertility and obesity. According to new studies, the link between the two is quite evident. Obese women appear to go under significant changes in their ovaries which result in their eggs inability to properly be fertilized. The Endocrine Society said, "In the study, Dr. Robker and her colleagues measured hormone and metabolite levels in follicular fluid obtained from the subjects' ovaries during their egg collection procedures. They found that obese women exhibited an altered ovarian follicular environment, particularly increased metabolite and androgen activity levels, which may be associated with poorer reproductive outcomes. The researchers say that the fats might alter the very sensitive metabolism of the egg and such changes are known to be harmful to embryo formation. In addition, inflammation can damage cells and when this happens to eggs it can affect embryo survival." Typically obese women were seen as struggling or taking longer to conceive, but this new research shows that the links are evident and may actually be a viable cause for the adverse fertility affects due to obesity.
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