Recession and Infertility

recession_infertility_fertility_blog_Mar09.jpg So we've talked about the recession taking a toll on the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery industry, but what we have yet to discuss is recession blues and infertility woes. For many couples struggling to conceive, infertility issues are a big enough deal to hinder their relationship or even sanity. Going through infertility treatments is tedious and exhausting, but there are also some financial ramifications that need to be addressed. Clearly, child bearing is in our nature, so we will go to great lengths to successfully conceive. But during an economic downturn financing treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy can be quite intimidating. Which is why a book called "Budgeting for Infertility" has just been released this week. The Editors note in the book says, "Talk about a buzz kill -- a book with fertility treatment and budgeting in the title. But as the authors note, fertility problems can drain finances almost as quickly as they drain romance. Sterling is described as a researcher and educator specializing in fertility and women's health issues. Best-Boss is a writer. In this volume, they put the economics of conception front and center. So, along with tips on preserving fertility and picking a doctor, they include advice on creating a budget and sample letters for filing insurance appeals. There are also chapters on international options and tracking down lower-cost medicines." This book could be a wise read, so invest it in and perhaps it will teach the ways of budgeting time and money for fertility. The 411 on financing fertility.
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