Baby Born from Frozen Sperm

frozen_sperm_fertility_blog_Apr09.jpg A baby has been born from a 21-year-old frozen sperm. According to specialists this is the longest frozen sperm ever to successfully conceive. Chris Biblis, 38, was treated for leukemia in his teenager years. The then teenagers was urged by his parents to freeze some of his healthy sperm prior to radiation and chemotherapy procedures damaged his sperm. Back in the late 1980s there were very few if any fertility treatments for men, so this was quite an accomplishment to freeze his sperm. UPI article said, "Biblis has been clinically disease-free for more than 20 years. Last May, he and his wife, Melodie, 33, also in excellent health, sought fertility treatment with Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte founder and fertility specialist Dr. Richard L. Wing. "They achieved pregnancy on their first cycle of intracytoplasmic sperm injection used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization, a now-routine procedure for male infertility, using her eggs and his frozen sperm," Wing said in a statement." The trend of freezing sperm and eggs prior to undergoing any procedures that may damage them has become quite popular in recent years, more and more fertility experts in fact are urging and recommending patients do so to preserve and protect their fertility for later years.
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