Main Line Egg Freezing

For years now In Vitro Fertilization has held true the notion of egg-freezing for fertility purposes. However a recent study and number of cases have shown positive affects of a new type of freezing technique. IVF has long been considered a viable method for infertile couples to successfully conceive. Though it has often had instances of multiple births or failures, people are still thrilled at the prospect of even better results post freezing eggs. CBS news affiliate reported, "This is going to change and revolutionize infertility and IVF," said Dr. Michael Glassner with Main Line Fertility. He says until now eggs haven't survived well being frozen. His solution is something called vitrification, where eggs are retrieved from a woman then put in liquid nitrogen. "We have a 90 percent survival rate," said Dr. Glassner. He says there's no time limit on the eggs that are essentially flash frozen. This process is giving women a whole new world of expanded choices, like preserving fertility after cancer treatments or delaying having a family." The freezing process is still considered new and expirimental so there is much research that needs to be done before things are implemented.
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