Stem Cell Prospect and Fertility

sm_stem_cell_research_infertility.jpg A study come from China may show that stem-cells in the future could be used to reignite fertility among infertile women. The hope for new fertility treatments has stormed from Shanghai, as scientists experimented on mice with stem-cell treatments. This comes on the wake of serious talks about sperm and egg freezing for later use. The Guardian said, "Hopes for the new therapy follow experiments in which sterilised mice produced eggs and went on to give birth to healthy young after adult females had stem cells injected into their ovaries. If the procedure can be made to work in humans, it could lead to treatments that extend fertility beyond the menopause and help younger women who are unable to conceive because their eggs have been damaged by cancer therapies or disease." The research may be controversial, however doctors and scientist are still urging patients and readers to know these are still tentative and preliminary studies. However, the prospect is what is exciting and causing stir among industry observers.
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