Stress and Conception

sm_stress_and_infertility.jpg For those of you high powered financiers or stress cases at work, yet another stress induced ailment may cause you more stress than you need. Researchers are saying that stress at work may adversely affect a woman's fertility. In a society filled with career-driven women, this may not be the best of news. Alongside fertility issues, stress has long been known to cause high blood pressure, poor eating habits, lack of exercise and migraines. MSN said, "Cashdan's research, published in a recent issue of the journal Current Anthropology, found that the Marilyn Monroe-type figure is less often found in women with demanding careers. Those women displayed more boyish figures, which are negatively correlated to fertility. Cashdan told the Times that work stress and the drive for career success can bring about a shift in hormones where estrogen-the female hormone-is replaced by androgens including testosterone, which are associated with strength, stamina and competitiveness. Higher androgen levels are associated with more masculine figures and lower fertility." For high stressed women it may be beneficial to begin a healthy living regiment. Working out regularly, eating well and having some down-time outside of work stresses. These tips may aid in decreasing stress.
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