Tagging Embryos

tagging_embryos_fertility_blog_April09.jpg After yesterday's mix-up at a fertility department in a British hospital, the UK and other fertility clinics are said to be electronically tagging embryo with hopes of preventing such mistakes. Physicians used the wrong sperm to fertilize an embryo, and on the wake of many other In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) controversies this has caused serious stir yet again about regulating fertility treatments more stringently. The article from the UK Standard said, "The electronic tagging system commissioned by Guy's uses radio frequency to track sperm samples and eggs through the fertilisation process to ensure mothers do not get impregnated with the wrong embryo. A chip is attached to the bottom of every Petri dish and test tube which contain the patient's sample. The doctor passes the container over a scanner in the laboratory before fertility treatment takes place. A computer next to the scanner acts as an early warning system by flashing a "stop" message on screen if the tag's details do not match those of the patient. The tag also sets off an alarm if samples from different parents are brought into the same area in the laboratory" Many US officials now think that we should start having fertility clinics and experts tagging embryos to avoid any mix-ups or mistakes.
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