US Funding Stem Cell Research

Stem_Cell_Research_Fertility_Blog_April09.jpg Some funding has been made available to embryonic stem cell research in the US. However the proviso is that researchers will have to use cells "culled" from embryos stored at fertility clinics which would be thrown out. Such research and studies were banned by the Bush Administration and have now been allowed by the Obama Administration. Scientists are hoping this will be a huge boost for fertility research and are thrilled at the prospect of aiding in fertility treatments with the use of stem cells. The Associated Press reported saying, "Scientists are trying to harness embryonic stem cells - master cells that can morph into any cell of the body - to one day create replacement tissues and better treat, possibly even cure, ailments ranging from diabetes to Parkinson's to spinal cord injury. Last month, Obama lifted that restriction, widening the field. But he left it to the NIH to set ethics guidelines determining which cell lines now will qualify for government funding." A number of other stipulations and regulations are necessary for the stem cell research to be completed, however all are within the limits of appropriateness according to many of the scientists involved in the studies.
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