Fertility Clinics Feeling the Downturn

Fertility_Clinic_Economics_fertility_Blog_May09.jpg Dwindling numbers of patients and cash-flow are adversely affecting fertility clinics nationwide. The number of couples able to afford expensive fertility treatments has decreased with the economic climate. Many infertile couples are putting parenthood on hold, thus hindering a typically booming industry. The New York Post said, "In fact, one Los Angeles facility is trumpeting an unprecedented low price of $5,800 and even the highly-respected Columbia University Center for Women is pushing an "introductory fee" of $6,600 for a one-time IVF cycle." I expect some clinics will go out of business and others will be forced to merge because of the downturn in business," said Dr *. **Joel Batzofin**,* who runs the Batzofin Fertility Services clinic in Midtown." Also the demographics of people with money at the moment are past the age of IVF, as Baby-Boomers are reaching retirement age and they are the ones with more expendable money.
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