Fertility Patch

Fertility_Patch_fertility_blog_may09.jpg We've all heard for the birth control patch and nicotine patch, but the newest patch on the market is currently in clinical trials and it is the fertility patch. The patch delivers hormones every 90 minutes via electrical impulses. NBC affiliate in Cleveland said, "Now University Hospitals is enrolling women in a clinical trial testing a fertility patch that uses electrical stimulation to help get the hormone in the body. Dr. James Liu is Chair of UH's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He says in people of child bearing age, the brain releases GNRH, or gonadotrophin, a hormone that stimulates the ovaries or testes. The Lutrepatch mimics the way the brain releases the hormone." Doctors and researchers say the benefit of the patch is that it does not overstimulate the eggs and ovaries much like fertility shots. It rather implements and deploys the same amount of hormones as our brains do naturally. This may make wave for a new form of fertility treatments if approved and further tested.
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