Male Contraceptive the New Birth Control Pill?

Male_Contraceptive_Fertility_Blog_May09.jpg A monthly jab of testosterone is being tested as the new contraceptive for men. Some doctors say this may take over the role of the female birth control pill and even condoms (for purposes of pregnancy not sexually transmitted diseases). BBC News said, "Lead researcher Dr Yi-Qun Gu, from the National Research Institute for Family Planning in Beijing, China, said: "For couples who cannot, or prefer not to use only female-orientated contraception, options have been limited to vasectomy, condom and withdrawal. "Our study shows a male hormonal contraceptive regimen may be a potential, novel and workable alternative." More testing and studies are required before making any commercial use of the product. But this research brings into play the notion of male fertility. For years women have been in the forefront of all contraception, insemination and infertility treatments and research, so this validates the fact that male fertility is in the limelight.
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