Fertility Reforms in Croatia

Croatia_IVF_fertility_blog_June09.jpg It seems like fertility is making news all over the world. The Associated Foreign Press reported today that a long awaited fertility bill about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Croatia is being reviewed by parliament. The bill has been disputed for years by the Catholic Church and the conservative population in the country. The Health Minister announced that the new law would appease both sides of the party, the bill would only allow married women to undergo IVF, and would permit children conceived from IVF to know who their biological parents are when they turn 18. The Associated Foreign Press said, "At the same time, the legislation contains "liberal" provisions allowing egg and sperm donations, the minister added. Under the new law, a child conceived by a donated egg or sperm would be able to obtain information about his or her biological parents once turning 18. Such a provision was already condemned by local parents organisation RODA, which warned it could discourage potential donors." Sources say that nearly 3,000 Croatian women suffer from infertility annually, resulting in a necessary infertility industry in the country. Even if there are slightly more stringent laws surrounding the treatments, it is still vital they are offered for residents.
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