Healthy Foods, Healthy Fertility

Healthyfood_Fertility_blog_June09.JPG Infertility research has shown a possible link between healthy eating and better quality of sperm in men. Preserving and taking care of reproductive health is essential to preventing fertility issues. In fact some studies have shown that consumption of certain nutrients and foods has the ability to significantly improve male fertility rates. Men who regularly ate more lettuce, tomatoes and salads, and removed excess dairy and meats had better quality of semen. Reuters India reported, "Researchers found that diet remained an important factor. The men with normal semen ate more carbohydrates, fiber, folate, vitamin C and lycopene than the men with poor semen quality. The men with healthy semen also ate less fat and less protein. Low levels of antioxidant nutrients in the diet "seem to have a negative effect on semen quality," Mendiola and his team write." However it is also important to note that a healthy diet is not the only factor related to fertility health. Lifestyle, smoking and other factors also contribute to adverse impacts on semen quality and success of fertility naturally. Trials will continue to be administered in the coming months to further investigate the current findings.
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