Infertility Awareness

Infertility_Awareness_fertility_Blog_June09.jpg An awards ceremony honoring fertility clinics that have helped raise awareness and treatment for infertility was held last night. The National Infertility Organization honored New York based Reproductive Medicine Associates for their work in raising the cause. Thousands of infertile couples struggling with conception every year, much of the reason people do not seek out treatment is that they are unaware of what is available for them and at what cost. Fertility clinics seek to improve the knowledge and awareness while also providing sound healthcare. Pr Newswire said, "RMA of New York is truly honored to be awarded The 2009 Friends of RESOLVE Award," said Alan Copperman, MD, Co-Director of RMA of New York and Director of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Mount Sinai Medical Center. "Our mission of providing patients with up to date, accurate information about their diagnosis and treatment options in a caring, compassionate manner is very much in synch with RESOLVE's core goals. RESOLVE's support services have been indispensable to many of our patients and RMA of New York pledges to continue to work closely with RESOLVE to help individuals and couples build families." Many options are available for infertile men and women from In Vitro Fertilization to egg donation and surrogacy there are economically viable treatments. In fact some procedures even can get some monetary help from health insurers.
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