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infertility_research_fertility_blog_June09.jpg Fertility researchers have found a link in rats that connects a chemical with infertility. When a nontoxic chemical is added to rodents which consume crop meant for humans induced infertility. The infertility was caused due to menopausal symptoms in the rodents. Science Daily said, "Of particular interest was a chemical compound known as 4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide, or VCD, typically used in manufacturing rubber tires, polyesters and plastics. She found that low, nontoxic doses of VCD in mice sped the menopausal process and rendered them infertile. She dubbed this new animal model of accelerated menopause "mouseopause." Physicians and fertility experts are thrilled at the prospect of this study, as it may show them why many countries who rely on certain crops find infertility rampant in women. This may lead to bringing into place less consumption of certain foods for people. The scientists again said this is still early research and requires much more investigation before anything is brought into action.
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