Obese Children and Infertility

Obese_Infertility_Infertility_Blog_June09.jpg Recent studies are finding a link between child obesity and infertility later in life. As obesity runs rampant in the US among children, more research and studies are being administered to see what side effects exist. There are a number of adverse affects associated with obesity among adults and children, however this is one of the first links found with fertility issues. Express Buzz said of this research, "According to the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, 50-80 per cent of obese children remain obese even as adults and are prone to obesity related diseases." Infertility has become considerably more common, but luckily fertility experts are learning more about the risks and lifestyle factors that relate to it. Many treatments are available and affordable for infertile couples: from IVF to egg donation awareness is key to fertility health.
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