Creating Sperm Cells from Stem Cells

Stemcell_fertility_blog_july09.JPG Stem cell research is advancing year by year and has now been tested as a possible cure for infertility. A new study is being conducted to determine if human sperm can be created from stem cells. At this point, men who are found to be infertile are left with limited options. If human sperm can be genetically created from stem cells, men would be able to pass on their DNA to their offspring even without their own viable sperm. A reporter from ABC News stated, " right now his research offers a proof of principle -- that it is possible to create sperm cells, even if they are not fully viable yet, using his technique. And it is the process of how sperm forms, not the sperm themselves, that can show how a variety of factors may contribute to infertility." There are ethic questions that arise from stem cell research as well. In theory, DNA from any individual could be used to create a baby and researchers worry that couples could easily make babies that are "half Brad Pitt or Elizabeth Taylor". The sperm created thus far is not viable, and there will be many years before a trial could even be possible on a human.
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