The Aging Issue of Fertility

Infertility_fertility_blog_august09.JPG A survey by Red Magazine has found that one in three women experience some type of infertility problem during the course of their life. The survey totaled over 2,600 women with the average age of 37. The results also showed that as women get older, they worry more about their ability to conceive. "We can't change the fact that the best time to have babies is in your early 20s, even though that doesn't fit in with society" said the secretary of the British Fertility Society to the Daily Mail Reporter. The success rates of IVF decrease as women increase in age. Many women wait until they are older and more established to attempt pregnancy. As a result, more and more women are dealing with fertility issues. In years past, the fertility statistics were much lower since the majority of women attempted pregnancy in their 20s. Today, more women are dealing with the issue of infertility in their 30s and 40s. Although these may not be the biologically ideal years to conceive, fertility treatment technology is advancing rapidly in response to the demand.
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