Using Leftover Embryos

donor_embryo_fertility_blog_august09.JPG Once a couple decides to undergo IVF or other ART procedures, there are often extra remaining embryos from the procedure. These embryos are frozen to be used in later cycles if their current procedure is not a success. Unneeded embryos are then destroyed if the biological donors do not want to store them. The Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area (RSC) has created an embryo donor program to give patients at their clinic an opportunity to utilize these unwanted embryos. "RSC's new program enables its patients to use embryos donated by other RSC patients, providing highest quality assurance and the comfort of a trusted fertility clinic" reports one RSC doctor. The cost of using egg donation has increased due to FDA regulations and donor agency fees. By using an in-house donation program, the RSC is giving patients a less expensive and less time consuming option. Donated embryos may be used by women who cannot use their own eggs for the procedure. This includes women who product too few or no eggs, or women of older ages whose eggs may not be viable. The only drawback to using donor embryos is that they will not be biologically linked to either potential parent.
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