IVF or IUI? ABCs of Fertility Treatment

Couples who are dealing with the frustration and disappointment of infertility may find new hope with recent advances in medicine that can increase many couples’ chances of finally conceiving and starting the family they’ve hoped for. Two of the most popular infertility treatments are IUI and IVF—read on to learn what these top treatments are all about.

IUI (IntraUterine Insemination)

IUI is a fairly simple treatment that is often recommended as the first treatment option after a couple has been diagnosed with fertility concerns. The idea with IUI is to help the male partner’s sperm by placing it closer to the egg, increasing the chances of the two making a connection. With IUI, your doctor will watch the development of your eggs using an ultrasound. Your doctor may recommend additional hormones to encourage your eggs to develop and your body to ovulate. Once your body is ready, the actual procedure only takes about half an hour, and involves the doctor placing the male partner’s sperm directly into the womb, where hopefully an embryo will be created and begin to develop into a healthy pregnancy.

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)

You’ve probably heard about IVF, the most popular fertility treatment, but may not be sure about what it actually involves. With IVF, the male partner’s sperm and the egg are joined together outside of the woman’s body, and then placed into the womb to develop into a pregnancy—this is done to take the ‘guesswork’ out of hoping egg-meets-sperm, increasing the chances of the woman becoming pregnant. To begin the IVF process, you will be prescribed hormones and other fertility medications to encourage the ovaries to produce eggs. Once the eggs are ready, the doctor will remove them and combine them with the male partner’s sperm, and then give the new embryo(s) a few days to grow and develop. Then, one, two, or more embryos (twins!) are placed back into your womb to continue to grow into healthy, normal pregnancy.

IVF and IUI are just a few of the many fertility treatment options available through modern medicine today. Couples should seek guidance from an experienced specialist to learn about the exciting new options that can help you conceive and begin building on their own dreamed-of family. Click here to find a specialist in your local area.

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