Maria Menounos Will Freeze Her Eggs

Celebrities and fertility treatments tends to be big news these days. In an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky that will air Thursday on his Lifechangers television show, Maria Menounos revealed that she plans to freeze her eggs. "I'm 33, and I decided that I know I have a couple of years of work I want to get to, and then do it," she said according to People magazine online. "I figured this is kind of an insurance policy." Celebrities who undergo fertility treatment is nothing new, and their stories can act as an inspiration to many couples or individuals who are considering similar treatments. A lot of couples and individuals who are considering fertility treatments such as egg freezing may have reservations about it. When we hear stories about celebrities who are considering the same types of treatment, it tends to relax us about it a little bit. Egg freezing involves the extraction of the woman's eggs, which are dehydrated and frozen. They are then stored safely so they may be used for certain fertility procedures at a future date. Many women who would like to have children in the future?or who would like to keep the option open?but who are still pursuing a career or education, or who have not yet found a partner may consider egg freezing. Menounos has been dating boyfriend Keven Undergaro for over a decade. She has worked for Today, Access Hollywood and Extra.
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