A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal

A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal

Charles W. Monteith, M.D

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A Personal Choice is a unique medical facility exclusively for women who want to become pregnant after tubal sterilization or for women who desire correction of tubal blockage from other causes. We offer the most successful tubal ligation reversal surgery, proven from results of over 10,000 patients.
We also offer No-scalpel vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal. Our Medical Director, Dr. Charles Monteith, has dedicated his career to corrective tubal surgery.

Dr. Monteith has performed more successful tubal ligation reversals and tubal surgeries for infertility resulting in the birth of more babies than any other doctor in the world.

Physician Profile


Dr. Monteith
is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice. He is a fertility surgeon who has been in practice since 2001. He has dedicated his career to helping both women and couples through corrective microsurgical tubal surgery.

Dr. Monteith’s career in corrective tubal surgery began in 2008. After completing a microsurgery training course at the Cleveland Clinic and a six month training mentorship in tubal ligation reversal surgery under Dr. Gary Berger, Dr. Monteith began to exclusively specialize in fertility surgery.

Since 2008, Dr. Monteith has gained extensive expertise in reversing all type of tubal ligations and in repairing blocked fallopian tubes caused by gynecological diseases.

Dr. Monteith has the distinct privilege of being the first surgeon in the world to report successful pregnancy within the peer reviewed medical literature after reversal of transcervical hysteroscopic tubal sterilization.

Services Provided

When you come to A Personal Choice for your tubal reversal, you will be under the care of a highly trained and respected specialist who is recognized for the improvements he has brought to the field of tubal reversal surgery over 3 decades. Tubal ligation reversal and vasectomy reversal as performed at our specialty center is affordable and successful outpatient surgery. The surgery experience patients have at our center is unequaled by any other provider of tubal surgery.

Reversal surgery can be very successful at restoring your natural fertility, allowing you the chance to become pregnant every month, and providing you the ability to become pregnant more than once.

A Personal Choice  is a unique medical facility exclusively for tubal ligation reversalDr. Charles Monteith offers the most successful tubal reversal surgery, proven from results of over 10,000 patients, at an affordable cost. Call for a free consultation.


Dr. Monteith is a member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and by virtue of his board certification Dr. Monteith possesses special knowledge, skills and professional capability in the medical and surgical care of women related to pregnancy and disorders of the female reproductive system.
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