Acne Treatments

If you have pimples or deep pustules that are clogged, then you have acne. Severe acne can leave permanent scars. Don't pop your zits, you don't want to scar. Acne can be very distressing. During puberty the higher levels of hormones can cause acne and during pregnancy the higher levels of progesterone can cause acne.

Acne is caused by over active oil glands. When you're pregnant your body natural produces more so that your skin can stretch, this excess oil can make your pores sticky allowing bacteria to get trapped inside. Dirt, dust, and even pollution can clog your pores. You can resolve this problem by washing your skin with an oil-free acne wash.

Other contributing factors

• Heredity

• Allergies

• Stress

• Periods

• Nutritional deficiencies

• Over washing

• Touching your face

You need to keep your pores clean. There is no single medicine or acne treatment that can resolve all of your acne issues. And the only way to be sure that a treatment or product is going to work is by trying it and you will need to stick with whatever application that you choose for a period of time to see if it works.


• Exfoliation

• Hormone based treatments

• Over-the-counter treatments

• Antibiotics

• Seeing a dermatologist

• Prescription hormone treatments

• Acne surgery

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