Early Signs of Pregnancy

Do you think that you might be pregnant? Well the early signs of pregnancy can start even before you miss your first period. The best indicator would be a positive pregnancy test, but a few other indicators may be that your breasts have become tender and swollen which is caused by the hormonal changes of conception.


Another early symptom that will be high on your radar is fatigue. Because your progesterone level races through the roof when you become pregnant, it can make you sleep. Other factors affecting your energy levels are the drop in your blood sugar, lower blood pressure and the increase in your body's demand to produce blood.


One of the most infamous symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness; it can hit you at any hour, morning, noon, or night. This symptom can begin as soon as two weeks after conception. This is brought on by the increased levels of estrogen that cause your stomach to empty at a much slower pace. And certain odors may cause you to feel sick as well.

Food cravings

Pickles and ice cream, yup, that's going to be you! Those crazy wacky food cravings are very common sign of pregnancy. They are also caused by hormonal changes. Are you craving something outrageous? It could be a sign.

Mood swings

Do you find yourself crying all the time or angry at the drop of a hat? That happens when you're pregnant and again we'll blame it on the surge of hormones that have invaded your body.

So are you really pregnant?

The down side to all of these signs is that they are not the only indicators exclusive to pregnancy that can also be indicative that you are going start your menstrual cycle or maybe you are coming down with something. And it is possible to be pregnant and not show any signs.

But regardless, if you miss your period or notice any of these early signs of pregnancy, you should at the very lease do a home pregnancy test. If your home pregnancy test is positive, schedule an appointment with your doctor, nurse practitioner or midwife. You are going to want to start your prenatal care as soon as possible so it is better have your pregnancy confirmed than to guess or wonder.

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