Getting Pregnant

So you want to get pregnant and you want to try to conceive, do you just jump in bed and hope for the best? That's a place to start and it might even work with you and you and your mate could have a healthy pregnancy. Or you could go for months and even years with nothing happening. So why don't you play it safe?

Make an appointment with your doctor

The very first thing that you should do is schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN to be sure that you are healthy and physically ready to conceive. Your physician won't test you for infertility, but he or she will do a pelvic exam that you should be having anyway. The exam checks for cancer and STD's. It's just an overview. Share with your doctor that you want to start trying to conceive. Your doctor will tell you that if you haven't conceived within a year then, you will need to have some fertility testing done.

Now is the time to start healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and exercise. Cut back on caffeine and if you smoke you should quit. Cut back on alcohol consumption, you will need to stop completely when you become pregnant and absolutely no drugs. During the process of trying to conceive you will have a 2 week window where you could be pregnant but won't know for sure.

You should keep an ovulation calendar or mark on your calendar your basal body temperature. You can purchase a basal body temperature thermometer at your local pharmacy. You should start taking your temperature the first day of your cycle. If you don't want to use your calendar, you can download one off the internet or they can be found in the back of books on fertility or in the box that the thermometer came in.

Take your temperature the first thing every morning, at the same time if possible, before you get out of bed or move or speak. Record this reading. Your temperature will be normal on most days. However, the day after you ovulate your temperature should rise about .4 degrees. This is caused from the release of a hormone called progesterone.

Benefits of Charting Basal Body Temperature

• You will know when and if you are ovulating

• You will know if you might possibly have an infertility problem

If you have problems getting pregnant, your chart will help your doctor to see if you are having infertility problems.

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