Are you wondering what ovulation is? Basically ovulation is a timed cycle of your body. If you are hoping to become pregnant it is the time when you are most fertile. You can keep track of your periods and trace your ovulation cycle to find out what day it is that you ovulate.

Your cycle starts when the ovary releases an egg that rolls down the chute of the fallopian tube to arrive safely in the uterus to await fertilization. If the egg doesn't get fertilized it will break down and be absorbed by the uterus. And the uterus has an agenda all its own. If the egg doesn't attach itself to the uterus, then it says bye-bye to both the lining and the egg which occurs during your menstruation cycle.

You need to pay attention to your ovulation cycle because this is when you can prevent or become pregnant. This is what is known as your fertile time, your egg has between 12 to 24 hours for the sperm to fertilize it and know that the sperm can live inside your womb for three to five days expanding the window of opportunity for pregnancy. To narrow down your ovulation date is not always an easy task, but with a few tips you can do it.

Ovulation Calendar

You are normally fertile for a few days every month. The easy method for determining this fertile time is by counting. So let's begin by marking the day that you start your period and the day that you end your period on the calendar. Two weeks after you ovulate you begin your period. Count the first day of your period as one and count to 18, days 10 thru 18 most fertile time, however this calculation system only works if you have a normal or consistent menstruation cycle.

Ovulation Kit

You can also purchase an ovulation test kit that will assist you calculate your ovulation, these kits work the same way that a pregnancy test does, it will reveal a positive sign if you are ovulating and a negative one if you aren't. The kit detects the hormone LH that your body releases when it ovulates. When your body releases this hormone your ovulation cycle begins within 12 to 24 hours. The increase of LH is what releases the egg from the ovary sending it on its way to the uterus.

Most drugstore carry ovulation prediction kits that gauge your hormone levels. An inexpensive, simplistic test that reads the hormone levels inside your uterus letting you know if you are ovulating or not.

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