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If you are wanting to get pregnant, fertility charting will allow you to predict the time when your body ovulates. An ovulation calculator will help you to pinpoint the most fertile time in your cycle, and increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Looking at several physiological variables, you can learn to identify the days when you will most likely ovulate, which is the best time to conceive a baby.

Typically, you are fertile for only a handful of days during each menstrual cycle. And because the unfertilized egg has a short life-span of just one day, timing intercourse is key to successful conception. Playing the guessing game is usually not enough when it comes to timing, and fertility charting will allow you to understand your own fertility patterns - and then to predict your perfect time for conception.

If you are experiencing problems conceiving a child, then fertility charting can make a huge difference for you. Most physicians strongly encourage the use of fertility charting because it is completely safe, natural, and does not rely on drugs or invasive medical procedures. In addition, for you to have the ability to understand your body and cycles - and predicting ovulation will no longer be a mystery.

Most women have a 28-32 day menstrual cycle and ovulation takes place during days 11-21. These days represent average cycles; many women have slightly shorter cycles and can ovulate earlier and other may have longer cycles with ovulation occurring a little later.

For the best results keep track of at least 3 to 6 menstrual periods. If you have the beginning date of your last three menstrual cycles and the number of days total in your cycles, you can go to numerous web pages and enter this data in to an ovulation calculator and find out what days of the month that you are ovulating. It does get any easier than that.

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