Pregnant Belly

The best and the worst part of being pregnant is the belly. Why is it that a woman can't wait for her pregnant belly to start showing and can't wait for it to go away either. But your belly is the cocoon for your baby and let it's the world know that you are going to have a baby.

Growth of your belly

And during your pregnancy your doctor will be very interested in your belly, checking to see that the baby is growing normally, measuring it at every visit. This measurement is important because it will tell your doctor if there are any potential growth problems, the heartbeat will be heard from that belly as well, and an ultrasound will be performed to verify any suspected problems.

Photos of your belly

And becoming increasingly popular are the pregnant belly photos that are actually quite tasteful pieces of art that you and your spouse will cherish for years to come. These photos capture the beauty of you in your pregnant state, the peace and joy that you feel when you hold your belly, contemplating the live within.

Plaster cast of your belly

Another keepsake of your momentous occasion is the plaster cast of your pregnant belly. Once the cast is made, it can be painted, decorated, or just left as it is, and placed in your home as a favored piece of art.

Moisturizer for your belly

Now that your belly is growing, you've had pictures taken of it, and even a plaster cast, so how about a little cream or lotion to soften your skin, prevent stretch marks, and relieve the itch of stretching skin. There are a variety of lotions on the market, but the key is to keep your skin lathered, moist and add nutrients to your stretching skin.

It's your belly, it's only for 9 months, enjoy it and if you don't want to show it off you don't have to. Cherish every day of your pregnancy and your belly!

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