Stages of Pregnancy

Now that you are finally pregnant, you will need to learn about the various stages of pregnancy. The amount of time that you be pregnant is divided in to three time segments called trimesters or stages. Each trimester you will experience different developmental features and occurrences. You will have an estimated delivery date which is calculated by counting 280 days from the first day of your last period.

Doctor visits

You will need to see your doctor monthly in the beginning, then you will progress to twice a month, and finally during the last month you will make weekly visits. Blood tests and urinalysis will be done on your first visit, the 16th and 28th week of pregnancy, and if you are having any problems or concerns arise.

Understanding the different stages in pregnancy development is an important part of the pregnancy process. The three stages of pregnancy, also known as trimesters, affect the body in different ways and have different complications that may occur. Knowing what changes the body will undergo in each of the different stages will help a woman understand what changes to expect and help her recognize any issues or complications that may arise.


Every woman is different and you may or may not experience all of the body changes that some women do. But there are a few common stages that you should know.

• The first stage is development. You have just become pregnant and your baby is starting to grow. You may be experiencing morning sickness that occurs because of the hormonal changes that are occurring in your body. These changes will also make your breasts swell and cause soreness. You skin can will also produce more oil to keep it flexible and enable it to stretch, it is also why pregnant women glow. You may experience acne. Your body will go through so many changes that it may leave you tired. Get lots of rest and be sure to exercise.

• The next stage you will notice that your baby is growing and you will even be able to feel your baby hitting and kicking you. You may have heartburn and back pain because of the added weight gain. You may also suffer from insomnia. You will also notice that your stomach is starting to get bigger and grows more and more every day, it's not your imagination, it's true. If you haven't started wearing maternity clothes yet, now is the time to start shopping. You will feel more comfortable in looser clothing.

• In the final stage of your pregnancy your baby will finish developing and your hormone levels are going to chance once more to prepare for delivery. Your feet will swell and the back pain that you've experienced during your pregnancy will now be more frequent. You may also experience false labor pains as the baby prepares his or her descent into the birthing canal. Your baby will be moving more often and you will feel those kicks and punches even more as your baby gets stronger. When your labor pains start, you will begin to experience contractions, the baby is on its way and you will be a mom before you know it. You did it, CONGRATULATIONS!

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