Symptoms of Pregnancy

If you are pregnant there are several symptoms that you will or are experiencing. Symptoms like belching or excessive gas, vomiting, incontinence, a vaginal discharge that itches and causes a nasty odor, your absentminded, forget things all the time, your emotional, crying all the time or angry, there are numerous symptoms that come with being pregnant, but there are also things that you can do that will help you to cope.

If you are pregnant you may be experiencing sore and tender breasts. Some things that you can do to help alleviate these symptoms are:

• Get bigger bras as your breasts increase in size

• Make sure that your bra is giving you enough support, you may need to get a maternity bra

• You may need to wear a bra to bed so that you have support at night

One of the reasons that you feel tired is because you have this tiny baby growing inside of you and zapping your energy. Some things that you can do:

• You need to get plenty of rest

• Don't overdo it, monitor your activities, and ease back where necessary

• Exercise daily

Morning sickness is a result of hormonal changes and after the first 3 months will usually dissipate on their own. But here are a few things that you can do in the mean time:

• If you experience nausea when you wake up, try eating crackers or pretzels, and drink some flat 7UP to calm your stomach

• Don't eat spicy or greasy, fried foods

• Avoid smells and odors that are bothering you

Because your baby is growing and pressing against your bladder you will feel a need to urinate frequently. Some things that you can do:

• Wear loose fitting clothing

• If it burns when you urinate you need to tell your doctor, you might have an infection

If you have burning sensation that begins in your stomach and climbs to your throat, you probably have heartburn or indigestion. This can be caused by your larger uterus crowding your stomach pushing the stomach acids upward. Some things to help alleviate your symptoms:

• Drink warm fluids

• Eat slowly

• Eat several small meals throughout the day

• Avoid the foods that you know are giving you heartburn

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