Are you considering having a vasectomy and not sure if it's something that you really want to do? Here's the 411 on the procedure. A vasectomy is 100 percent effective, safe, and does NOT interfere with sexual pleasure.

Urologists and family practioners perform vasectomy procedures. There is even a No-Scalpel Vasectomy procedure. A local anesthetic is used - most commonly this is done by an injection with a needle, but some doctors use a no needle device to apply the anesthesia and numb the surgical area with a jet injection, no needle there either. I'm thinking that most guys are probably liking this no needle thing that's going on.

No Scalpel Vasectomy

As the name suggests, the "No Scalpel" method does not involve a scalpel, but a small opening is still necessary. Key to the No Scalpel Vasectomy are the special instruments that allow the procedure to be done with less manipulation of your tissues. In a NSV procedure, your doctor will locate your vas deferens under the skin of the scrotum by hand, and hold the tiny tube in place with a small clamp. Small pointed forceps separate the layers of tissue and then creates a tiny puncture in the skin to form an opening for the vas deferens to be gently lifted out, then cut, tied, clipped and/or cauterized and put back into place.

Your surgeon may elect to close the opening in the skin with sutures. However, because the skin puncture is much smaller than a conventional incision, it can close quite quickly without the necessity of suturing.

No Scalpel Benefits

Physicians who perform the No Scalpel method of vasectomy believe that the procedure produces less complications and discomfort with a faster recovery time.

Laser vasectomy

Numerous men have showed an interest in having a vasectomy performed with a laser. Whether a laser is used or not, an opening still must be made in the scrotal skin and the vas deferens must be brought to the surface. The vas is a muscular tube without any large blood vessels. When the time comes to cut the vas, a knife or coagulation is usually used without significant bleeding and without the need for a laser. There is no significant advantage to using a laser to perform a vasectomy.

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