36 Weeks Pregnant

So, you're 36 weeks pregnant, your baby can come any time now! When you are 36 weeks pregnant, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It's during this time that you will find yourself cleaning and getting ready for the baby, they call it nesting. Your belly is stretching even more, be sure to lather it up with lots and lots of lotion.

Other Baby Development at 36 Weeks

• Your baby's gums have become rigid

• Your baby's sucking muscles are now fully developed

• Your baby's brain is quickly developing

• Now, your baby is practicing blinking, it won't be long until he or she is winking at you

If your baby hasn't done so already, he or she will be making its way into the birthing position. The most common way is for your baby's head to be down under the cervix, you don't want your baby to be breech which is buttocks or feet first.

When you are 36 weeks pregnant, you may find yourself undertaking amazing projects - this is called nesting. Many people experience it earlier in pregnancy, but as the time for your baby to arrive nears, you could find yourself trying to be super-human!

Physical changes that you may notice include:

• Your baby will drop into the pelvis

• Frequent urination

• Hemorrhoids

• Increased backache and heaviness

• Constipation

• Heartburn

• Discomfort in your buttocks and pelvis

By now, most women will have gained 25 to 35 pounds over their pre-pregnancy weight. However, in the last month of pregnancy, mothers should gain very little or no weight.

Some hospitals require pre-registration for labor and delivery. When you are 36 weeks pregnant, it is a good time to contact the hospital where you will deliver and fill out any necessary paperwork. That way, when you arrive at the hospital in labor, there are no forms to fill out or insurance cards to remember. Then, all you have to do is give them your name and they can pull up your file. You can then focus on your baby and delivery.

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