Ovulation Calendar

If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, then, there are a variety of ovulation applications that can be of help to you in predicting that peak time in your cycle when you are most fertile, most likely to get pregnant including an ovulation calendar. Your body experiences numerous changes and hormonal fluctuations during your menstrual cycle. These changes include body temperature shift when you ovulate, the texture of your cervical mucus, and even the position of your cervix will change.

3 tracking utilities for charting fertility

• Basal body temperature tracking-by monitoring your temperature each morning you will be able to see when your temperature rises indicating the beginning of ovulation.

• Calendar tracking-keep track of your body cycle and discover when you are fertile and infertile.

• Cervical Mucus tracking-by paying attention to the changes in your cervical mucus you will notice an increase which will allow you to understand the pattern of your fertility cycles and to know when the onset of ovulation is for you.

For the best results you should do a combination of all three tracking utilities, the basal body temperature, a calendar, and with cervical mucus. In this way you are able to actually see the changes in your body temperature, the increase and changes in your cervical fluid, the position of your cervix all by maintaining a calendar you will be able calculate your ovulation time frame window.

Ovulation kits

If you are someone who has a consistent and normal menstrual cycle, you will be able to figure out when you ovulate by watching the changes in your body and marking them on your calendar. However, if your period is irregular, if you don't notice the changes in your body, or if you would like to try another option, you can buy an ovulation kit. There are two types of kits; an ovulation predictor kit reads your LH hormone level in your urine. The other type of kit monitors your perspiration changes. Both work well and can assist you in discovering when you ovulate.

Be sure read all of the instructions inside each kit. For the ovulation kit that uses urine, you simply hold a stick in the stream of your urine; wait a couple of minutes, and then you can read your results. The kit does a great job and is 98% accurate. The OV-Watch is a small computer that you wear while you are asleep. The chloride in your sweat increases during ovulation. This kit detects the chloride change NS and is only 85% accurate.

By keeping an ovulation calendar you will have a pretty good idea of your ovulation time. The changes in your cervical mucus is a good indicator that ovulation is occurring. Your body temperature slightly rising is another indicator, but knowing the signs of ovulation should not be used as birth control so if you don't want to get pregnant, it's best to use a tried and true method of birth control.

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