Pregnancy Calendar

By understanding what happens in your pregnancy week by week, you are taking a proactive role in the healthcare of not just yourself, but your baby as well. By keeping track of your pregnancy on a calendar it will help you to know what to expect, from changes in your body to the progression of your baby's development.

Mark your calendar from week 1 to week 40. You can document things like:

• Week 4: sore breasts, tired all the time, nausea and gained weight.

• Week 6: morning sickness, food cravings and extreme fatigue.

• Week 8: acne, increase in hormones, tender, swollen breasts, tummy pooch, nausea.

• Week 10: blotchy complexion, mood swings, and weight gain.

• Week 12: pregnancy glow, more energy, and less vomiting.

• Week 14: the veins on your chest and breasts may become more dilated, your breasts are growing and the areolas are darkening and growing larger in diameter.

• Week 16: if you have an ultra sound performed you will be able to see your baby sucking his or her thumb and you will also have your baby's first picture.

• Week 18: this is when you will start to feel your baby move.

• Week 20: you are halfway through your pregnancy! Now that is something to mark on your calendar!

• Week 22: your baby will start to respond to sound, rhythm and melody.

• Week 24: you will start to experience leg cramps, lower back pain and forgetfulness; you'll need your calendar now.

• Week 26: This is the end of your second trimester and you will need to get more rest from here on out.

• Week 28: as you baby grows so does the pressure on your bladder, make sure that you are close to a bathroom at all times.

• Week 30: this is usually when you start to get inpatient about being pregnant; you just want your baby to be born. Relax, it's almost over.

• Week 32: you may experience indigestion and constipation and even breathlessness as your baby continues to grow and adds pressure to your vital organs.

• Week 34: you may experience sore ribs and even begin to have false labor pains.

• Week 36: only 5 weeks to go, your skin may be itchy from stretching, so be sure to use lots of lotion.

• Week 38: you'll notice an increase in your vaginal discharge and you'll start wanting to clean your home and get everything ready for the baby - they call this the nesting phase.

• Week 40: you made it, your baby will be born any day now, and the months on the calendar are going to fly by for the next few years.

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