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Are you wondering when your baby is due? Only about 3-5 % of babies are born on their estimated due date and a whopping 40% are born after their estimated due date. Using a pregnancy due date calculator you can determine when your baby is due.

Due dates based on your last menstrual period are the most accurate, because an ultrasound has a margin of error even at early stages, and is based on mathematical averages. Your body offers the more reliable estimate.

Where do you start?

While your doctor may give you a due date, you may or may not have your baby on this date. Did you know that your baby is already 2 weeks old when you conceive?

That is because you count back to the first day of your last period. The due date for my daughter was March 23rd and she was born on April 18th. My doctor even tried to induce my labor, but that didn't work, she was not ready to be born. Your baby will come when your baby is ready and not a day sooner.

So while predicting your pregnancy due date is not a guarantee that is when you'll have your baby, it's still a lot of fun and you do need to do it. And there a variety of different ways that you can calculate your pregnancy due date, you can add 42 weeks or 294 days to the first day of your last period, then subtract 14 days, and that will be your due date.

But with the advance of medical technology an ultra sound can not only monitor the development of the fetus, but it can supply you with a pretty accurate due date, plus you'll receive your first picture of your baby.

There are a multitude of pregnancy calendars and pregnancy calculators online that can assist you as you figure out when you are going to give birth. Whether you're right or wrong, none of that will matter once you are holding that beautiful bundle of joy in your arms.

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