Pregnancy Tickers

Pregnancy tickers are designed to count your elapsed weeks and days of pregnancy. It can also display the number of days left to your due date or estimated delivery date. There are numerous web sites online that can help you to develop your very own pregnancy ticker and once you've done that you can start keeping track of all the intimate details of your pregnancy in a journal. A family history for baby.

Pregnancy tickers journal

As an example you could use the header "Week 18," and journal your thoughts and experience for that week.

• The baby - hey, precious, we're 18 weeks pregnant today, can you hear your heart beating? The doctor says that this week you should be able to hear it because the bones and the nerves in your ears have developed and they are working. So now you can hear the whoosh, whoosh of the amniotic fluid as it swirls around you and that growling sound is nothing to worry about, it's just my stomach telling me it's hungry.

• For you - your expanding belly may be making your life a little uncomfortable. Your growling stomach may have invited his friend heartburn over for some fun. Heartburn is when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus, triggering that telltale sign of burning. Eating more bland foods can help with this.

• For life - you could write about your conversations with your mate about your baby. Daddy and I discussed names today, what do you think of Ashley or Tyler? As you jot down the names that the two of you discuss, cross out the ones that you can't agree on or make names as to why one likes it and the other doesn't. Write middle names next to you favorite names.

Every week of your pregnancy you will experience something new physically, your baby will grow and you will glean insights. These are all things that you can journal about. Wouldn't you like to right at this moment grab a journal that your mother kept and read about all of the things that she experience when she was pregnant with you? Just thing of what a precious gift you will be giving to your baby by handing him or her a pregnancy ticker. So get started and happy writing!

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