Pregnant Wives

Your wife is pregnant and you're not quite sure what to expect? Well, here are a few tips that may help you. Your wife is not only pregnant, but she is a raging ball of hormones. Knowledge is power, the more that you know, the more that you will be able to understand and deal with the roller-coaster ride with a pregnant wife.

Your wife's body is about to go through numerous changes, some she will barely notice, but others will be more prominent. You and she should learn to recognize the early pregnancy signs as soon as possible. This will allow both of you to start preparing as soon as possible for your pregnancy.

If your wife took a home pregnancy test and it was positive, the next thing that the two of you need to do is schedule an appointment with her doctor to begin prenatal care. The most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy are:

Spotting and cramping


Swollen and sore breasts


Food cravings

Frequent urination

Nausea or vomiting

A sensitive to odors and smells


One of the reasons that your wife feels tired is because she has this tiny baby growing inside of her and zapping her energy. Some things that she can do:

She needs to get plenty of rest

She shouldn't overdo it, she should monitor her activities, and ease back where necessary

Exercise daily

Morning sickness is a result of hormonal changes and after the first 3 months it will usually dissipate on its own. But here are a few things that she can do in the mean time:

If your wife experience nausea when she wakes up, she should try eating crackers or pretzels, and drink some flat 7UP to calm her stomach

Don't eat spicy or greasy, fried foods

Avoid smells and odors that are bothering her

Because your baby is growing and pressing against your wife's bladder she will feel a need to urinate frequently. Some things that she can do:

Wear loose fitting clothing

If it burns when she urinates she need to tell her doctor, she might have an infection

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