Cost of IUI

Have you and your mate been trying for over a year to conceive without any luck? If so, then you have a fertility problem and should see a specialist. You may think that fertility cost is out of your reach, but the truth is that intrauterine insemination is affordable. The cost of IUI ranges from $200 to $4000, depending on if you require medications, ultrasounds, and other testing procedures.

For the best results an IUI should be performed within 6 hours either side of ovulation. For male factor infertility it is recommended that insemination after ovulation is better, otherwise chances of success are higher with insemination before ovulation with the sperm waiting for the egg. You should remember that the egg is only viable for a maximum of 24 hours after it is released.

IUI Procedure

If you decide to have an IUI, your fertility specialist will thread a very thin catheter through your cervix and inject washed sperm right into your uterus. The procedure takes a little more than a half hour and it normally requires our physician inserting a speculum, then the catheter for the sperm to be squirted directly into the uterus.

Most women who have had an IUI state that it is a relatively painless procedure, it feels very similar to a pap smear. While there may be some cramping following the procedure, chances are it is actually your body ovulating then the IUI.

You should be able to carry on with your normal activity following the procedure and you don't need to worry about sexual intercourse, you won't hurt anything by having sex. In fact, most fertility specialists encourage intercourse after an IUI to further ensure insemination.

Implantation normally takes 6-12 days. To learn more or to find out what IUI costs that you will face, you should consult a fertility doctor or clinic to see what charges you care are likely to entail.

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