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Conceiving a child is a complicated process, you have to know when you ovulate, body temperature, all of this stuff that you have to learn. And to top it all off there is no prescription, no recipe, no map to fix the problem. If you are stressed and frustrated because you can't conceive, it's time to see a fertility doctor.

A fertility doctor can help you understand the "why" behind your inability to conceive. He or she will also have a list of procedures or alternatives that you can begin to try. Your journey will begin my looking at you and your mate to where the abnormalities lie. Is your husband infertile? His sperm can be completely absent from the ejaculate or present, but in low concentrations. His sperm might have poor motility or have an increased percentage of abnormal shapes. Your husband might have functional abnormalities that prevent the sperm from biding to and/or fertilizing the egg. If your husband is infertile, then a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection may help you.

Causes for infertility

• Your fallopian tubes may be scarred or even blocked

• You may be experiencing ovulatory problems

• Sometimes your endometrial tissue can grow outside of the uterus and cause problems

• And sadly, sometimes there is just no explanation, it is what it is

If you are having a difficult time getting pregnant you should see your doctor. Your doctor will begin by ordering a few tests to help evaluate the problem. Tests like a semen analysis or an X-ray dye test that checks the uterus and fallopian tubes called hysterosalpingography, as well as hormone level to evaluate ovulation. Depending on what your specific medical condition is, there are a variety of treatments available to you.

Remember that infertility treatments sometimes take awhile, you may have to try more than one procedure to get pregnant. And keep in mind that there is not always a happily ever after, you may not get pregnant. You may have to use a donor egg, use a surrogate, or adopt. Artificial insemination can work on the first attempt or may take several months, you may require an aggressive treatment process before you get pregnant. You may want to seek therapy while you are going through this process, because the process can be quite stressful on couples.

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