Ovary Donation

Ovary donation or a woman who donates her eggs for another person or couple who are trying to conceive is called an egg donor. Ovary donation donors are screened and must sign a consent form before they become eligible to participate in an in vitro fertilization program. Some patients in the program have their own donors, but most rely on the eggs of anonymous donors.

For some couples, ovary donation provides this hopeful duo with a once in a lifetime chance to have the baby that they've always wanted. It's true that some egg donors do it just for the money, but most know someone or have someone close to them who has experienced infertility problems and genuinely want to help make it possible for another couple to start a family.

Ovary Donation Procedure

Once an ovary donation donor has been chosen, she will be injected with hormones that will stimulate her ovaries so she is able to mass produce eggs. Donor eggs are used in 12 percent of all in vitro fertilization attempts, it is one of the most popular infertility treatments and most affective.

During the injection process the donor will be required to report frequently to the clinic for blood tests so that hormone levels can be checked, egg count can be checked to verify that she isn't producing too many, because this can cause problems as well. Before the eggs are retrieved, she will need to inject herself with a pregnancy hormone called HCG. The donor can choose to have a general anesthetic for the procedure or just go with a sedative to that will help to relax her. A fine needle will be inserted through the vaginal wall into the follicles where the fluid that contains the eggs is removed. The entire retrieval process takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Ovary donation has made it possible for older women who for whatever reason was unable to conceive during her prime to now have a baby - and for your younger women with a variety of medical deficiencies to carry and give birth themselves.

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