Finding A Surrogate Mother

Are you tired of trying to conceive a child or has your doctor that there is no possibility that you will become pregnant? You still want a baby, but adoption just isn’t for you, no worries, you still have another option available to you, it’s surrogacy. Finding a surrogate mother can be vastly complicated or quite simple.

Do you know someone who is wiling to be a surrogate mother for you, a sister, cousin, friend, etc.? If you answered yes, then you’re already half way there, if you answered no then, you need to pull out a pen and paper, a palm pilot or your laptop and start making a to do list to find a surrogate mother.

To Do List

Well, the first thing that you need to do is go to the internet and Google surrogate mother and research some of the agencies and options available to you in your area.

Next, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with an attorney and review contracts and all of the legal aspects of surrogacy. Then, you’ll need to make a list of all the attributes or things that you expect from your surrogate mother.

You’ll want to schedule meetings with as many potential surrogate mothers as possible so that you can begin to narrow your search.

Once you’ve found the perfect woman to be your surrogate mother, you’ll want to sign the contract that your attorney has drawn up. Be sure that you review it in advance so that you are sure it includes fees, medical insurance and all other fees that you’ve agreed too.

Finding a surrogate mother will take a little bit of time, but can be an easy process if you are aware of everything that is expected of you starting out and you are confident in your own needs and requirements. Good luck to you in your search for the perfect surrogate mother.

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