A Couple Facing Infertility Has Choices to Make

Being a parent has been described by many as both the hardest, as well as the most unbelievably awesome job a person can have. It is also a job that requires the necessary amount of patience and financial stability. Unfortunately, there are many people who have children and cannot support them.

Thus, it seems especially cruel when a couple who has both the patience and the financial means is faced with infertility problems. However, while infertility is something that can definitely be thought of as a significant obstacle, it is also something that might be able to be medically treated.

Many people attribute the majority of infertility problems to the woman in the couple. However, this is not always the case. After all, men have problems with their sperm as well. Take a moment to consider the amount of work that a sperm has to do in order to make it to the egg. It has to swim up the fallopian tubes, meet with the egg, and then the egg has to attach itself to the uterus. That's a lot of work in order to conceive!

Most men do not have a problem with their sperm, but there are those who have weak sperm. Simply put, the sperm does not have the energy to make it very far up the fallopian tubes. Or, men might have a low sperm count. Specifically, when they ejaculate, only a very small amount of sperm has a shot at fertilizing the egg.

Infertility in women can occur for a variety of different reasons. They might have a medical condition known as endometriosis. In such a condition, excess tissue has built up in and around the uterus, thus causing hardening. Sometimes endometriosis can be treated with medicine, in which case the chances to conceive become greater.

Another issue that might affect a couple's ability to conceive is stress. Take, for example, the situation that Celine Dion and her husband Rene were facing. They had been trying for quite some time to have a child, and had no success. Then, Celine took time off from her career. The result? Their son, Rene Charles.

A couple is deemed to have trouble with conceiving if, despite having sex frequently, they have not been able to conceive for a least a year. Generally speaking, a couple who is trying to have a baby should be able to conceive within four to six months of trying.

Now, just because a couple has not yet been able to conceive does not mean that there still is not a chance they could do so naturally. To determine their situation, a variety of tests will need to be done on both the man and the woman.

So, what options do a couple who cannot naturally conceive have? First of all, in-vitro fertilization might be able to help. However, this method still is controversial because of the various medical risks that are associated with it.  Another option is for the couple to adopt. Many couples decide to do this only as a last resort because they want their own biological child. However, there are many beautiful children in need that will change their perspective.

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