Celebrities Who Definitely Don't Have a Fertility Problem

As we all know, Hollywood is filled with unstable people. In fact, that's probably why these people all migrate to Hollywood in the first place – to seek fame and lots of money. However, once they get to Hollywood, these celebrities do more than act, they also breed, and breed often.

The most obvious celebrity without a fertility problem in sight is Britney Spears. She and that oaf Kevin Federline had two children within the course of less than two years. Indeed, the Spears family in general has no problems at all with fertility – just look at little Jamie Lynn Spears, just 17 and a mother. However, it takes two to conceive, and looking at Kevin Federline's record, he could definitely be thought of as a fertility king.

Kevin Federline is one of those amusing individuals that is weak of mind, but strong of sperm. He had two children within a fairly short amount of time with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. In fact, the man left pregnant Shar for Britney, and promptly inseminated her too! Wow, this father of four has some serious fertility skills. They could use his sperm to populate small countries!

Another celebrity who has no problem having kids is Angelina Jolie. She might have adopted three children, but she's three for three ever since the recent birth of her twins, and of course she had Shiloh before. It's pretty obvious that Brad Pitt has incredible sperm as well – after all, it's only fitting that the Sexiest Man on Earth does!

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