Fertility Concerns That Men Might Have

When a man and a woman decide that they want to have a baby together, it seems that the woman generally has to take the brunt of the pressure. If she was previously on birth control pills, she will have to stop them and wait a little while before trying to get pregnant. She is the one who carries the baby for nine months, and unfortunately, if a couple has had problems trying to conceive, she is also the one who initially might take most of the blame.

However, the reality is that men can have fertility problems too. Sure, they have it a bit easier in terms of not having to carry the baby, but that does not mean that they have it easy in terms of the conception process. Indeed, male fertility is a quite a study for those who are interested in the process.

In order for a woman to become pregnant, her egg must be fertilized by male's sperm – this much, almost everyone knows. However, what some people do not know is that it takes a considerable amount of strength for the sperm to make its way to the egg in order to fertilize it.

The male fertility problems usually set in when the sperm has trouble reaching the egg. The first reason for this could be that the sperm itself is not strong enough. Or, the sperm is not formed properly, which would thus incapacitate its movement. Sometimes a man is born with genetic problems that could lead to these issues, and other times an outside source might be the cause.

There are many different kinds of medication that a man might have to take for an existing medical condition. These medications might include erectile dysfunction as a side effect. If a man is unable to maintain an erection during the sexual act, then he will not be able to successfully ejaculate, and thus not impregnate the woman. If a man feels that this might be his main problem, then it is important to make sure that he discusses the issue with his doctor.

Then again, there are some kinds of illegal medications that a man might take that could cause his fertility problems. The most prevalent of these is steroids. Steroids reached their peak of popularity a decade ago, but that does not stop some bodybuilders and fitness fanatics to still use them in their quest to bulk up. Obviously, steroid use should be avoided, not just because of the conception problems, but also because of the serious risks that they pose to a man's health.

Another thing that could cause conception problems is a man's low sperm count. This means that when a man ejaculates, he does not have enough sperm present within the ejaculatory fluid to get a woman pregnant. Obviously, unless a man has his own microscope, he will not know if he has this problem.

This is where the help of specialists at a clinic might be required. They will run several tests on the man (usually non-invasive) to determine what the problems are. Once they determine the main cause, then they can incorporate medical technology to improve the man's reproduction abilities.

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